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Taxi from Tirana Airport to Pristina

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Airport Taxi Transfers from Tirana Airport to Pristina

Private, max. 4 persons (sedan)  

One way
231.00  EUR

462.00  EUR  
Airport Taxi Transfers from Tirana Airport to Pristina

Private, max. 8 persons (mini van)  

One way
264.00  EUR

528.00  EUR  
Airport Taxi Transfers from Tirana Airport to Pristina

Private, max. 14 persons (mini bus)  

One way
267.00  EUR

534.00  EUR  

Taxi transfer to Pristina

Pristine (Priština, Prishtina) is the largest city as well as the capital of the municipality and district of Kosovo. Currently, the city counts between 500,000 and 600,000 inhabitants. The city is administrative, educational, and cultural centre of Kosovo. University of Pristina functions ever since the academic year 1969/1970. However, due to turbulent events, today there are two universities bearing the same name. One is situated in Pristina and the instructions are in Albanian language. While the other university is placed in Kosovska Mitrovica and instructions are in Serbian language.
As far as the sites in Pristina, it would be good to mention the Museum of Kosovo and the clock tower.
The Kosovo Museum has a breathtaking ethnological and archaeological artifacts collection. You can see Neolithic terracotta Goddess on the Throne which was excavated near Pristina in 1960. Unfortunately, a large number of artifacts is still in Belgrade.
The Clock Tower dates from the 19th century. The original bell was made in Moldavia in 1764, but unfortunately this bell was stolen in 2001. The old clock mechanism was replaced with an electric one, but unfortunately it does not always show the time since Kosovo has electricity problems.
If you want to visit Pristina, the easiest way to get to Pristina is by plane. Pristina International Airport is very well connected to many European as well as world cities. Also Skopje International Airport is 110 kilometers away from Pristina, so if you prefer Skopje Airport over Pristina Airport, you can take bus from Skopje to Pristina. The bus ride lasts around 2 hours. During these two hours, you can enjoy your bus ride by watching amazing scenery.

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A reliable 24/7 airport taxi transfer service will take You to Pristina in a safe and comfortable way.
We offer a fast, reliable and secure taxi service, excellent rates. Our taxi drivers speak English and will be happy to help you in any way they can. If you need transportation while you are in Pristina please contact us.

Airport Taxi Transfer Service - We will pick you up and drop you off at Tirana Airport, your taxi will be waiting in a case of delay without any additional costs.
Once you reach Pristina in a modern, air conditioned taxi vehicle, you will feel much better than spending hours in a public bus.
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Mini Van or Mini Bus Taxi Service - if you travel to Pristina with a lot of luggage, or more people than a regular taxi can transport, you can select a mini van or a mini bus to take you to Pristina. Our mini vans and mini buses are very comfortable, air conditioned and suitable for larger groups or families. Children travel in a child seat and count as an adult.

Airport Taxi Transfer is the safest way of transportation from Tirana Airport to Pristina.
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