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Taxi from Skopje Airport to Tirana

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Airport Taxi Transfers from Skopje Airport to Tirana

Private, max. 3 persons (sedan)  

One way
189.00  EUR

378.00  EUR  
Airport Taxi Transfers from Skopje Airport to Tirana

Private, max. 8 persons (mini van)  

One way
341.00  EUR

682.00  EUR  
Airport Taxi Transfers from Skopje Airport to Tirana

Private, max. 14 persons (mini bus)  

One way
471.00  EUR

942.00  EUR  

Taxi transfer to Tirana

Tirana is the largest city in Albania, as well as its capital. Sulejman Pasha founded the city in 1614, and Tirana was named Albania’s capital in 1920. The city is located in Albania’s inland, at an average altitude of 110 meters above sea level. Two rivers, the Lanë and the Tiranë run through the city; and city contains no less than a total of four artificial lakes: Tirana Lake, Kodër-Kamëz Lake, Farka Lake, and Tufina Lake. The Tirana’s climate can be described as Mediterranean. 
City of Tirana counts over 725, 000 inhabitants.
Tirana is usually considered a beautiful and charming city by tourists. It also has a lively nightlife. If you visit Tirana, you can enjoy its numerous, inexpensive restaurants which serve all kinds of food.
Tirana’s numerous historical buildings reveal a strange sensation of the meeting between Europe and the Orient. Tirana can be said to be a rich blend of cultures and religions; although over 70% of Albania’s population is considered to be Muslim. The city is quite friendly towards tourists, although the average citizen does not speak English very well.
Once you visit Tirana there are a lot of places which are worth paying a visit. Sheshi Skënderbej (Skanderbeg Square) is located in Tirana’s city centre. Right off this square are The Opera, National History Museum, Mosque and clock tower. In the square stands a statue of Albanian national hero Skanderbeg. The symbol of Tirana is a tower Kulla e Sahatit which was built in 1820s.
As far as the cultural events are concerned, it would be good to mention Tirana International Film Festival (Tirana Film Fest). The film festival is held every year and it highlights the work of ethnic Albanian artists. 
If you want to reach Tirana, you should know that there are no international train connections. The safest way to come to Tirana is to fly or to come by a bus. If you want to reach Kosovo from Tirana you should know that a 10 hour long trip is shortened to a 2 hour trip. Albanian government invested a lot of money in the new road, and while traveling on this route, you can enjoy amazing scenery.
You can travel by bus to Tirana from other Albanian towns or by international roads. But you should also know that there is no regular bus service from other parts of Europe to Tirana. Tirana is served by Mother Theresa Airport. Tirana Airport is located 25 kilometers outside the city centre. Flights arrive from many European destinations to Tirana airport so flying is the best way to come to Tirana.

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Mini Van or Mini Bus Taxi Service - if you travel to Tirana with a lot of luggage, or more people than a regular taxi can transport, you can select a mini van or a mini bus to take you to Tirana. Our mini vans and mini buses are very comfortable, air conditioned and suitable for larger groups or families. Children travel in a child seat and count as an adult.

Airport Taxi Transfer is the safest way of transportation from Skopje Airport to Tirana.
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